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A Decade of Nutrigenomics: What does it mean for dietetic practice?

Aired September 11, 2014

This webinar reviews the Nutritional Genomics research directions since the human genome was mapped, recognizes some of the challenges and opportunities for practicing dietitians and nutritionists, and discusses how to use genetic information to guide food and nutrition information now and its future potential.



Judith A. Gilbride, PhD, RD, CDN, FADA
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Judith A. Gilbride, PhD, RD, CDN, FADA

Judith Gilbride is a Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at New York University. She began her career in clinical nutrition research at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York where she worked with patients with inherited metabolic diseases. Her interest in single gene disorders sparked her fascination with the interplay of genetics and nutrition. Very active with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, she was appointed as the Academy’s partner with the Human Genome Education Project and was the representative five years with the National Coalition for Health Professionals in Genetics. As Academy President, she was able to champion the emergence of nutritional genomics for the profession.











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