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Food Safety and the Microwave

Aired December 1, 2009

This webinar describes the technology and science of how a microwave oven works and explores the potential challenges in safety and quality in regards to wattage; consumer abilities; and recommendations for safety.



Steve Vlock
Quality Assurance Manager—Frozen Foods
ConAgra Foods—Research, Quality and Innovation
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Shelley Feist
Executive Director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education
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CEU credits are no longer available for this webinar.



Steve Vlock

Steve Vlock is the Quality Assurance Manager—Frozen Foods for ConAgra Foods—Research, Quality and Innovation. Mr. Vlock heads the Microwave Center of Excellence at ConAgra Foods and is responsible for reviewing and approving all cooking directions.


Shelley Feist

Shelley Feist is Executive Director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education. At the Partnership, Ms. Feist has focused on bringing media attention to the Fight BAC!® consumer safe-food-handling messages, and on organizational development and effectiveness.











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