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What's the Story? Foods in America's History

Aired July 19, 2012

This webinar identifies and explores factors that contribute to a general definition of American food; origins and cultural history of selected iconic foods; cultural history and uses of selected herbs and spices; how global distribution of cocoa, coffee and tea improved global public health; how culture, economics, and history impact family lifestyles and personal food choices; and a range of selected references for additional information on American food history.


Louis Grivetti, PhD
Professor of Nutrition, Emeritus
University of California, Davis
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Louis Grivetti, PhD

Dr. Grivetti received his Ph.D. in Geography at UC Davis in 1976 and the same year joined the UCD Departments of Nutrition and Geography. Through the years his geography and nutrition research has focused on human food patterns and how cultural decisions influence nutritional status of individuals and groups, whether from contemporary or historical perspectives. He and his students have conducted research on food patterns and nutritional status in the United States, as well as in Africa, Asia, and Europe, specifically in Botswana and Egypt; Greece and Ireland; Israel, West Bank, and Kuwait; Mexico, South Africa, and Thailand; Turkey and Viet Nam.


He is past Chair of the Graduate Group in Nutrition, and Graduate Group in Geography at UC Davis and holds memberships in several professional societies, among them American Society for Nutrition Research, and the Society for International Nutrition Research. His honors include the 1977 Nutrition Foundations of North America and Europe award for the best nutrition-related book published globally that year: Food: The Gift of Osiris (Academic Press), co-authored with William J. Darby and Paul Ghalioungui.











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