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Why Did I Eat That Much? How Can I Change?
Effective Strategies to Help Adults Manage How Much They Eat

Provides a brief summary of the current research on eating behaviors in humans and strategies to control nutrient and energy balance and prevent overweight in adults.

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Sorting Out the Dietary Impact of Snacks and Snacking

Provides a concise review of the research on snacking with the goals of clarifying such issues and identifying practical strategies for healthful snacking that contribute to weight management and thus have real-life usefulness for individuals and the health professionals who work with them.

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Lunch as a Strategy for Meeting the Dietary Guidelines: Which Lunches Deliver?

Summarizes research, published 2000-2012, on lunch trends, lunch's nutritional impact and interventions to improve lunch contribution to dietary guidelines. Offers practical resources for client use.

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Encouraging Vegetable Consumption -
An Overview of Strategies and Interventions to Help Clients Increase Vegetable Intake

Summarizes research published 2000-2010. Provides thumbnail abstracts and links to PubMed. Offers practical resources for client use.

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